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Risk Evaluation of Exploration and Development Blocks
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Integrated Geological and Seismic Evaluation on a Risk Block

    Collecting data in the block on geology, seismic, wireline logging, etc., analyzing the data and checking the structures, stratigraphic corrections, oil groups, layers and wireline logging interpretations. Specify the criteria used to determine the structures, reservoirs and contacts between hydrocarbons and waters. Verify the sedimentary characters on reservoirs, improve the sedimentary facie models. Verify the oil water contacts, analyze oil and water distribution patterns, to supply a comprehensive geological and seismic evaluation. Provide reliable risk evaluation.

Evaluate the Reasonableness on Reserves Assessment

    Evaluate the reservoir development potential of the block. with reservoir evaluation, recoverable reserves calculation, together with reservoir engineering and development technics, Provide economic assessment as the foundation for customer decision-making. 

Prepare the Feasibility Study for the Oil and Gas Field Exploration and Development Program

    Prepare the feasibility Study for the oil and gas field based on the reserve and the reservoir characters, evaluate the possibility and prediction on increasing production and reserves, carry out sensitivity study on the reservoir parameters. Apply the most practical development methods, reasonable well patterns and well distances. Simulate the variation of oilfield production, water cut and production declining patterns. Determinate the reasonable recovery rate, to obtain the maximum recovery rate and economic benefits.

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