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AutoMon, IWMon -  Automatic Water Injection Monitoring and Alarming System
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1.Product Introduction

Research and develop independently by SunShine, AutoMon is a software that automatic collecting and monitoring the water injection information based on Oracle. It can automatic collecting the real-time water injection information, monitoring all kinds of production data, diagnosing the abnormal status and alarming using the Internet/Intranet with web method. 

•Perform remote control the water injection volume to single or multi wells according to users’ requirements
•Multiple alarming methods ensure the abnormal status to be processed timely.
•Easily checking the dynamic reports and summary data through web browser. The water injection details are displayed by reports and curves 

2.Main functions:

1)Automatic collecting and analysis the water projection related information controlled by server. Real-time data transmission to base.
2)Automatic provide the alarming signal and processing procedure
Automatic analysis the water injection and production, and generate the alarming information once the abnormal happens and send to related managers.
3)Alarming information display
Alarming information will be displayed to managers by tree organization, once click, the recent production data and diagram of water injection well will be displayed automatic to help users to diagnose the reality of the alarming.

4)Automatic report generation

Provide the function report generation which provide users convenience to get the complex report by simple operation.

5)Water injection curves display 

6)Remote control the water injection system

3.Software features:

1)flexible real-time data acquisition interface
2)real-time abnormal alarm
Abnormal alarm of water injection can be delivered to managers by variety of methods, so that users can master the important production information of water injection well, quick response to emergency.
3)based on web system
4)powerful data analysis ability
Powerful analysis ability with web diagram technology to display the minor variation of water injection, provide production evidence to related managers.
5)access control based on role
6)professional reports generation
7)advanced web development technology

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