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SeismicDataQC - Quality Control System of Seismic Products
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    SeismicDataQC is a system to quality control of the seismic products. It can provide quality control functions such as decoding of seismic data format, checking, analyzing and editing. It also provide management and format transform of  seismic navigation data, velocity, files etc. It is extensively used for seismic data processing and interpretation.

Main features:

1.Identification of SEG-Y format data, Correct identification and data loading variety of seismic format data
2.Powerful editing, processing, analyzing function of SEG-Y files
3.Batch split and merge of SEG-Y files
4.Create navigation data, velocity and match files etc easily
5.Friendly Human-computer interaction interface, easy use, and stable system

SeismicDataQC system has 6 main moduli.

1)Navigation file management
UKooa Navigation data generation according to the 3D survey coordination or 2D line coordination
2)Editing of UKooa navigation file
3)QC for pre-stack SEG-Y data
Checking and editing volume headers
Checking and scaning the header information and generating related FID files
Seismic data checking trace by trace
Split and merge SEG-Y files
4)Stacked SEG-Y data QC:
Scan basic information in batch files;
Checking and editing the volume headers;
Scan the trace headers, seismic profile display, survey coordination output, editing and coping of headers;
Checking the data trace by trace
Split and merge SEG-Y files
5)Velocity file management
Support generation of variety of velocity format such as Esso V2、Shell V5、Shell V6、Statoil H2、Western 2D、Western 3D.
6)Document files management

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