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Comprehensive Reservoir Study Based on A1 and A2 System
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    By directly accessing and utilizing the information in A1 and A2 database, the system can execute the integrated geological and reservoir analysis, to recovery the reservoir development history of geological elements, determine and display the relationships between all the geological elements, to finalize the locations, status and potentials of all hydrocarbon accumulating units.

    Comparing with the other similar software, the system improves the researcher’s work efficiency by quick data editing, correction and loading.

☆ Main functions

 1.Establish data bridge between A1 and A2 system and geological integrated analysis application , make it the true that the geological integrated analysis application can directly visit and read all the data from A1 and A2 system, without reloading the data, further more, the outcome from GIAA can be transport through the data bridge to store into the system A1 and A2, to integrate to the original database, to upgrade the informationization procedure of the oil company.

 2.Support analogues and correlations between single-well and well-correlation profiles, either on multiple well trajectories and/or multiple well depths, especially to deviation well.

 3.Vary and diversify the display ways in fill and colors on wireline logging curves.

 4.Visualize the reservoir profile with both normal and reverse faults, fluid contacts with various angles.

 5.Map view the display of 3-D seismic grids, 3-D seismic interpretation traverses

 6.Visualize the relationship between the reservoir development and the structure by projected well trajectory, wireline logging and its interpretation, lithological section, ect. on the seismic section

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