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OpSys energy-optimization system of pumping wells
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 OpSys energy-optimization system of pumping wells can provide great convenience for production engineering management to finish pumping well system efficiency caculation such as the test data processing and forecast computing, the well productivity prediction and lift parameter optimization design, the pumping wells working condition diagnosis and predictive calculation by utilizing the field development data, the existing power and lifting equipment data, the production performance data and field system efficiency test data etc. By system efficiency nodal analysis, it can propose potential node corresponding device configuration and system operating parameters design adjustment, to perform the system parameters prediction calculation after parameters adjusted.

 The entire software system is Web-based. All functional modules are based on Browse / Server structure, it’s the world's first set of full functionality web-based pumping system efficiency software. 

 The system is safe, reliable and stable by taking the effective combination of component based and object-oriented, to implement a software system with the characters of scientific computing and graphics-intensive, complex data relationships, high technical requirements and wide range techology cover( It covers databases, computer graphics, algorithm design, data structures and Web applications which includes almost all computer applications technology).

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