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GeoModel 3D Reservoir geology modeling software
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 GeoModel 3D Reservoir geology modeling software is the comprehensive reservoir geological modeling software. Based on the logging interpretation, seismic interpretation and Oilfield geology study results, and specific to one or more reservoir, the software utilizes the advantage computer technology, descript the change and distribution of geology character in 3D space, and use stochastic simulation and deterministic modeling methods to perform precision describition of all geology parameters such as reservoir fragment, lithology and reservoir properties.

☆ Main features

 (1) Impeccable database management, and compatible with a variety of major desktop and network database, such as Access, Oracle, MS, SQLServer etc.

 (2) Powerful data management, import and export of ASCII and Excel format data as well as data quality control; Improve the issues in previous modeling software such as too much files produced, files diffcult to find and inconvenient using, meanwhile the data in database can be repeatedly used or shared directly by other software.

 (3) Support the structure model building with faults and variety of interpolation algorithm.

 (4) All certainty and random attribute model building methods;

 (5) Comprehensive analysis of the model results, it gets rid of the previous mode that software only service for digital reservoir analog, and can perform quantitative analysis for geology and reservoir engineers now.

 (6) Grid Coarsening, the established 3D geology model can seamless interface with major digital simulation software such as Eclipse, WorkBench, VIP and CMG.

 (7) Use OpenGL graphics library and powerful 3D graphics display function.

 (8) Based entirely on the realization of Windows, it has powerful computing and graphics display functions like workstation, and facilitates the general users to use and research.

 (9) Tight integration and data sharing with GeoMaster software.



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