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WITSML real-time data receiving system
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 WITSML real-time data receiving system transmit RT data according to  international standard WITSM (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) protocol, in order to achieve logging while drilling real-time data remote transmission, sharing and management.

The system's main features include:
 1)Based on WITSML international transmission standard.
 2)Support the conversion from WITS date to WITSML format; meanwhile support data integration, store and forwarding.
 3)Able to convert the RT data to petroleum major software (such as LandMark, GeoFrame, Petrel).
 4)Support the TCP/IP, satellite, mobile phone signal (WCDMA, G3), short-wave radio and other methods of remote data transmission, also support breakpoint continuingly.
 5)Multiple wells data transmission simultaneously. 

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