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Geo-WITS well site data transmission service management software
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 Geo-WITS gather the RT measurement data from wellsite (offshore platform/ land wellsite) equipment (drilling, logging, mud logging, directional drilling), and transmite them to base(oil company/oil field) according to internationally standardized protocol Wits, timely share and manage various wellsite dynamic data.

★ Main features:

 1) Based on WITS international transmission standard.

 2) Seamless connection with oilfield major service provider’s instruments, and support data integration, store and forwarding.

 3) Integrate receive field drilling, well logging, mud logging and directional drilling real time data.

 4) Support the TCP/IP, satellite, mobile phone signal (WCDMA, G3) ,short-wave radio and other methods of remote data transmission, also support breakpoint continuingly.

 5) Multiple wells data transmission simultaneously. 

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