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    ☆ Well Design and Optimization

        The function provides reservoir evaluation with the geological and seismic data. Considering the economic benefits, it can provide the optimized well design plan, including well location and trajectory, well depth, target zone, drilled formation and drilled principles.

        Based on the post drill data, perform the correlations on stratigraphy, hydrocarbon zones and layers, analyze structure differences prior and post drill and the impaction to oil and water contact caused by those differences, predict the reservoir and analyze any changes on the reserves, provide suggestion on further well optimization. 

    ☆ Drilling Service

         ♦  Drilling Engineering Design

        The company has senior or high qualification engineers as designer. Those engineers carry out Drilling Engineering Design with our in-house drilling design application and directional well design application Geo-Pole.

           • Well trajectory design
           • Casing and tubing design
           • BHA design, calculation on hydraulic and well cleaning
           • Casing operation design (pump/agitating?? and frictional analysis)
           • Cementing design

         ♦  Drilling Operations

        Contracting drilling operations on vertical wells, directional wells, clustering wells, horizontal wells, side tracking and branching well.

    Successful cases:

           ★ Changqing Oilfield:One well with 4700m was successfully drilled with a 1600m horizontal section, reach final TD within 52 days, by a 50LDB rig without top drive.

           ★ Sulige Gasfield: successfully high angle side tracking in a horizontal well case within 30 days, with the horizontal section length 1000m.

        ♦  Directional Well Service

        Our company has experienced crews on directional well services, which are equipped with imported and domestic MWD/LWD directional drilling instruments, various screw stem, turbo drilling tools, provide MWD/LWD measurement. We provide services on conventional directional drilling well, horizontal drilling well, long offset horizontal well, docking well, branching well, cluster well and side tracking drilling well. SAGD instruments and technicians are available for service of well trajectory controlling on SAGD well.

         ♦  Bit Chosen and Optimization

        We are agent to Halliburton Drilling Bit. Able to customize the bits for clients according to the geological structures and rock properties, provide proposals on drilling bits and their designs for a well, and on-site technical consulting.


         ♦  Drilling Fluid Service

        We have professional drilling fluid engineers, who are able to provide proper drilling mud systems based on the geology and drilling assembly. With the safely downhole operations, optimize the mud materials, to reduce the torque friction and backing pressure when drilling, hence to increase the drilling rate. We are capable to provide drilling fluid and completion fluid design and technical services on both offshore and onshore operations. We also provide drilling discharge fluid treatment and control. We develop and produce oilfield chemicals, provide bulk weighted materials, make up drilling fluid and completion fluid, provide treatment agent testing, instrument calibrating and technical training.

    Real Time Wellsite Data  Transmission and Monitoring Service

        Data transmission from wellsite (offshore platform/onshore wellsite) to base ( oil company/oilfield) including LWD logging, mud logging, drilling, well testing and other data, set up the convenient web visit approach, to let the experts in their own offices to “see” the real-time data from all sources, remote monitoring and directing the operations even far away from the site.

    Geological Tracking while Drilling and Real-time Horizontal Well Geosteering Services

        Integrate the real time data with the geological analysis, solving the challenges on depths prediction of the pay zones, conventional coring depths and points, to reduce the circulation time and increase the drilling efficiency. Adjust the drilling program timely ( i.e. cancelling or adding coring operations) to achieve the real-time, quick, coordinated and integrated solution to the exploration.

        In the horizontal drilling operation, utilizing the data of LWD, mud logging and real-time directional drilling data, together with geosteering model, realize the well trajectory prediction. Adjust the bit directions to steer the bit drilling within the pay zone based on the hydrocarbon indications, to effectively increase the rate to hit the pay zones and maximize the profit.